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Thursday, 06 December 2012 03:29


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    lol your reviews are awesome! I love this game, possible one of the best rpgs ive ever played. And Steam now only wants 39.99 for it! I totally agree with you on this review Angry Joe.My only gripe is the not being able to drink potions on the fly anymore, that is totally gay. Im hoping that a dedicated fan will make a mod to include that into the game in the future or maybe the company will patch it ( doubtful).

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    I'd love that cupcake...wow :)Aw that makes me happy that Dashboard is still playing..yay!! Glad you had a great time, despite the heat....last weekend surely was terribly hot :(

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    A ja myślałam, że ten wzorek to zrobiony innym słynnym sposobem - tłuczkiem do mięsa :D Bardzo lubię ciasteczka z masłem orzechowym, chociaż wersji z syropem klonowym nie próbowałam. Zapisuję do zrobienia :)

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    petit gourmand: I use an extra large size needle that has large hole to thread the kitchen twine. You can find these needles in knitting / craft shop. They are used to stitch up knitted pieces.

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    she likes going at this time because then she can see INTO the houses too to see how people decorate the interior. Now we ogle the beautiful landscaping and into the privacy of others' homes. :)

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    Its stupid that something they have done for years the government wants them to stop. Do you think in India they will enforce our trade laws. In China they knock-off who Apple stores. It is such a small amount of $ trade in the big picture. I guess The Obama Admin. wants look tough on endangered species. The Indian rosewood is not really endangered. What a joke.

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    I like the "flexibility" improvement. Right now, my sitelinks look a little ugly too. But I'll let it play out and see how they end up.

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